Charity Reception


In honor of the  founders of the BEST RUSSIAN BRANDS companies the Charity Official Reception BRAND of RUSSIA is annually held. The leading Russian entrepreneurs are the main guests and the heroes of the reception.

In the framework of the Reception 5-10 entrepreneurs are honored by the BEST RUSSIAN BRAND Award for their personal contribution to the building of the successful Russian brand and development of the Russian economy and society.
«Our brands are very young, they are only 14-15 years old – said Mikhail Kusnirovich – lets lead them at least  to a 100 anniversary. And at the same time we won’t forget that Russia has eternal brands such as Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Kremlin, Bolshoy Theatre – which made the glory of our country. Lets advance together – old and young Russian brands  - we need each other».
These words determined the concept of the National Program BRANDS of RUSSIA. BRAND of RUSSIA is a much broader, than business achievements. It  is a centuries-old history and culture, it is a world famous classical musicians, Russian painters, authors, scientists,  designers and sportsmen – people, whose names and work  make glory of Russia.
The Charity Official Reception BRAND of RUSSIA annually demonstrates all the best, that has been created by Russians, all that makes up the pride of the word «RUSSIAN».
It takes place in the most beautiful historical places of Moscow. In 2006-07 it was held in the Hall of Russian Fame of the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts.
Since 2008 the Pashkov Mansion, the legendary  building of the Russian State Library Reception became the official venue of the Reception. It was built in 1768 by Petr Pashkov, the captain-lieutenant  of the Life Guards of the Semenivsky regiment, the son of the batman of Tsar Petr the First. Over the years Pashkov Mansion exited admiration and till now is considered  one of the most beautiful buildings in Moscow.
The unique venue of the Reception, masterpieces of the Russian culture, the world famous musicians, as well as gastronomic cuisine, demonstrate the best traditions and high achievements of the Russian workmanship.
The Charity Auction of luxury goods is traditionally held under the framework of the Charity Black Tie Reception BRANDS of RUSSIA. The practice of charity auctions is a centuries-old humanistic tradition of the world elite. It allows the wealthy and successful people to buy the luxuries and at the same time to make a personal contribution to the development of the society.
Funds raised on the Charity Auction will be conveyed to the Russian Found of Culture under the patronage of the spouse of President of RF, Mrs. Svetlana Medvedeva.
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